Critical Location Notification App

Peace of mind. Protection. Stay connected to safety during severe weather for only $8.99/mo for your entire family!

With the PAWS Critical Location Notification App, first responders will find you wherever you seek shelter during severe weather. Using this app is easy and could potentially save your life. It’s the simple, yet high tech extension to your severe weather routine that could make all the difference during the next storm. It’s the logical upgrade for your family’s safety plan.

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Be Found. Faster.

Here is how it works:

Download the PAWS CLN App in the App Store for from Google for Andrioid devices and subscribe for  only $8.99/mo with no contract.


When Severe Weather Happens

You will receive a push notification alerting you of a Tornado watch.

At that time, you will “check in” on the app before you go into your shelter area. When the Watch becomes a Warning  your exact location will be sent to the Office of Emergency Management in your city.

That information will be given to first responders when tragedy strikes, allowing them to find you faster.

If the storm threat expires or you are safe, you will be prompted to “check-out” of your shelter through the app. This will remove you from any list given for search and rescue.

PAWS Critical Location Notification App

While seeking safety in a storm shelter is the safest solution, many families do not have access to one. The Critical Location Notification App provides everybody the safety line that gives you peace of mind. But even those with a shelter benefit from the app in case they are trapped under debris or when response teams are overwhelmed if large areas are affected by the emergency. This app will let them know you are there. Based on some of the logic of our PAWS App, someone will always know where you are and can find you because of this new PAWS Critical Location Notification application. It is critical that users check in to the app before the storm hits. Once you are checked in, you can be located even if you lose cell service. As many of us know, if you have to wait for cell service to be restored after a massive storm, It may take a while.

Rely on the technology experts that have made safety their mission

Global Straticom provides safety and workflow solutions that help worksite personnel work safely and companies more efficiently. This digital innovation is now available to the public to support our communities during moments of crisis with the PAWS Critical Location Notification App.

Get the PAWS Critical Location Notification Application and know that you and your loved ones will be found. Contact us today for a demo.

In everything we do, we believe in optimizing outcomes. We do this by utilizing technology to make companies better, safer and more efficient.