About Global Straticom

Global Straticom products and services helps organizations implement innovative digital solutions to complicated business challenges.

  • Personnel Authentication for Worksites: A workflow platform for remote workers
  • Critical Location Notification app: Aiding first responder recovery efforts
  • PersonifiSolutions: technology consulting services that deliver customer engagement solutions

Personnel Authentication for Work Sites

PAWS helps remote, dispersed, or off-premises workers work more effectively, safely, and securely.

Knowing, in real-time, that the job is getting safely done by the right person, at the right place, doing the right things is critical to overall company performance.

Our configurable workflow automation platform also uses built-in analytics and Machine Learning tools that measure key performance indicators and identifies potential inefficiencies that can help personnel reach their productivity goals in real-time.

Here a few examples of how our customers are applying our solution:

Outside sales teams
Care providers
Maintenance personnel
Oil field workers

Make sure you have the insights you need to manage your remote workflow.

Critical Location Notification – CLN App

With the Critical Location Notification App, first responders will find you wherever you seek shelter during a declared emergency, such as for a severe weather event. Using the app is easy and could potentially save lives. It’s the simple, yet high tech extension to your emergency preparedness plan for your family or employees. It could make all the difference during an emergency, like the next severe storm. It’s the logical upgrade for every safety plan.

  • Pin drops a person’s shelter-in-place location
  • Sends real-time location reports to first responders
  • Real-time push notifications to the app
  • iOS and Android platforms
  • Administration capabilities for businesses

PersonifiSolutions Technology Consulting

We specialize in helping your marketing, sales, and customer engagement teams work more efficiently and close more business by providing the right technology solutions and analytics capabilities. 

Top 6 problems we’ve solved for our clients:

1 – Adoption – can’t get our staff to use the tools we have

2 – Optimization – too many tools and not fully leveraging them

3 – Analytics – analytics are not moving us forward

4 – Integration – we need connection between all our tools

5 – Implementation – too many solutions to choose from, which ones are best for us

6 – Transformation – we need to transform how we do business

Salesforce, HubSpot, Dynamics partners

Other Products and Services in the Global Straticom Family

Safety Services BASS – Bagnaro Associates Safety Solutions

We build compliance programs, train workers and provide ongoing Safety consulting and safety support. We are dedicated to protecting workers in high-risk jobs.

Ruffneck Angel

The Roughneck Angel is an innovative device that is dedicated to preventing falls from the “racking board” in oil and gas drilling operations. The goal of the Roughneck Angel is to put the responsibility and control into the hands of the workers by providing a reliable source of communication using visual and audible signals.

In everything we do, we believe in optimizing outcomes. We do this by utilizing technology to make companies better, safer and more efficient.