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Specialists in leveraging technology innovation and digital transformation to optimize your business initiatives.


Companies understand the need to put technology to work to transform their businesses for the future:

72% of decision-makers say that keeping pace with enhanced technology capabilities significantly improves business outcomes. Adoption of AI, data, and CRM solutions continue to rise rapidly across all business solution categories.

Flexibility, cost, speed, and ease of deployment are key drivers, and for those with limited resources, the cloud is the only avenue to deploy these kinds of solutions that are now needed to stay competitive.

Cloud-CRM Solutions

Matching your business requirements to the right CRM solution or optimizing your current CRM capability.

Specializing in designing cloud solutions built on leading platforms such as Salesforce, SalesforceIQ, Microsoft Dynamics, and others:

We design and plan CRM and associated cloud services that

  • optimizes processes, like sales and marketing, and enhances analytics capabilities
  • provides community and collaboration platforms
  • includes solutions with built-in mobile capabilities
  • focus on adoption and support
  • determine optional built-in AI capabilities

Data Driven Organizations

Companies that focus on leveraging their data asset significantly outperform their competition.

  • determine key performance objectives
  • integrate multiple data sources to measure and forecast performance
  • create an analytics and visualization platform
  • development of analytic models that generate opportunities
  • establish outcome measurement

AI: The Future is Now

AI and machine learning are enabling applications to learn, change and predict patterns as they are exposed to new data.  AI is now built into many platforms and are providing real-time feedback and advice to companies and also directly engaging with customers on a routine basis.

  • identify AI opportunities in customer engagement solutions
  • establish AI as part of your customer relationship landscape
  • optimize the use of existing integrated and stand-alone AI tools
  • AI in data analytics including pattern recognition

Which solutions best meet your business needs? That’s where we can help!

Solution Architecture, business case development, project planning, and vendor selection are our core competencies. We also can help you improve your ROI on your current technology solutions. CRM, data integration, analytics, AI, and customer-centric solutions are our specialties.

Technology Strategy Development

We help develop a technology strategy that delivers on core business initiatives. Specific examples include how we helped companies increase Salesforce effectiveness or how we designed data analytics services that helped companies develop data views that properly measure a company’s Key Performance Indicators

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